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About Fish’In Paradise

Fish'In Paradize is the logical continuation of the Fish'In Design project .

After the creation of the now famous bait boat manufacturing company, the need for a pond was quickly felt for its development. In 2019, Fish'In Design moved to Haute-Vienne, near Limoges, to continue its way.

Now settled on the banks of a beautiful 3 hectare pond, the idea quickly came for Fish'In Design to offer anglers, that wish to reconnect with the real values of carpfishing, this unique and preserved place.

It was the start signal for Richard Rebillard to create Fish'In Design's little sister : Fish'In Paradize.

A simple idea based on the idealistic vision of a carp angler with nearly 30 years of experience and a lover of small wild rivers and ponds.

Make these 3 hectares a natural, balanced place, far from the excesses of the too modern world of fishing.

An exclusive rental, a limited and quality herd, pure water without invasive grass beds, all in the calm of the Haute-Vienne's countryside.

Come and enjoy this unique place, do not hesitate any longer, Paradise awaits!

Key numbers

- 3 hectare pond

- Carps to discover:

  • About 80 heads from 6 to 22 kg, many fishes between 3 and 5 kg

  • Specimen over 20 kg

  • Average around 12 kg

  • Koi carps

  • Magnification reproduction with original and beautiful fish scales

- Varied backgrounds in nature and topography

- Maximum depth of 5m, average around 2.5m

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