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Fish’In Paradise

No-Kill Carp Fishing

Fish'In Paradize welcomes you in its fishing area and private pond. Any rental is valid for acceptance of these regulations.


This regulation aims to guarantee all users of the place a pleasant stay in the best possible conditions.

It also aims to protect the Fish'In Paradize environment as a whole so that everyone can make the most of their visit, including those to come in the distant future.


Please respect this.


Any breach of these regulations will result in:

- a first verbal warning and reminder of these rules of procedure,

- a formal, written warning, for a new breach observed or a repeated breach,

- exclusion from the site for a third failure observed or a repeated failure.


Any exclusion from the site will result in the automatic collect of the entire deposit paid as compensation for the damage suffered.


These rules are the general rules of the pond. Ad hoc adjustments can be made depending on conditions and events outside the company (health context, weather, etc.). In the event of a temporary modification, an announcement will be made on the website, social media and on the physical site of Fish'In Paradize, including in the rented lodge. If the conditions were to be modified during the rental (weather event, in particular), the tenant will be immediately notified personally.

1. Reservation / rental

Section 1.1

Reservations are made via the website or by telephone on +33 (0)5 44 20 04 06, by appointment, for a period of one week. Rentals are valid from Saturday to the following Saturday.

Section 1.2

The rental is valid for a maximum of 4 people including:

- 1 to 2 anglers maximum

- 0 to 2 children maximum

Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

No visitors other than those registered for the stay are authorized on the site.

Section 1.3

If a week is not reserved, it will be possible to validate a stay for a shorter period, of at least 2 nights (weekend, 4 or 5 days). In this case an announcement will be made via the social media of Fish'In Paradize 15 days before the date of the available stay.


The reservation can be made by email, or by telephone on +33 (0)5 44 20 04 06. You will then have to specify the date of arrival and the duration of the stay. The price will be calculated on a pro rata basis of the normal price of the stay.

Section 1.4

The minimum stay will be 7 nights.
Arrivals are in the afternoon from 3 p.m.
Departures are made no later than the Sunday following arrival at 11am.
In the event of early departure, the site management must be notified MANDATORY and at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Section 1.5

To validate your reservation, a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the stay will be required. Payment will be possible by credit card, bank transfer or check.


A valid certificate of civil liability must be sent at least 7 days before the start of the rental.

Any reservation request not validated by payment of the deposit within 5 days of the request will be automatically invalidated and the dates of the stay will be made available again.

For any late reservation (making a weekend available for an unreserved week, for example), payment of the deposit will be requested immediately by credit card or bank transfer (with production of the bank receipt).

Section 1.6

For your safety, the site is placed under video surveillance (access path, exterior of the lodge, pond).
In accordance with the legal provisions, the recordings are kept for 1 month before their destruction.

By validating your reservation you accept this recording device which will be used for any purpose of dispute / dispute in the event of suspicion of breach of these rules.

Section 1.7

The rental includes the provision of all the equipment and services provided:
- the lodge and its amenities,
- fishing equipment (rods, reels, reception, weighing, bait boat),
- priming and eschage baits,
- access to fishing in the entire 3 hectare pond.

Section 1.8

An inventory will be made on your arrival and on your departure. We ask that you return the lodge and its equipment clean and undamaged. Any incident, in particular broken crockery, must be reported spontaneously and immediately to the management.

Any breach of this article will result in the collection of all or part of the deposit.

Section 1.9

On your arrival, you will be asked to present yourself with your rental reservation confirmation received by email as well as the identity documents of all those present (family booklet accepted for children).

A deposit of 500€ by check (not cashed) will be requested before taking possession of the Lodge. This deposit aimed at protecting the equipment and the Fish'In Paradize environment will only be cashed in the event of a breach of these regulations or damage to the material goods of the rental.

Section 1.10

Cancellations without justification are possible up to 3 weeks before the date of the stay.
Cancellations with a compelling reason are possible until the day before arrival at 6 p.m.

Any cancellation that does not respect these conditions will result in the non-refund of the deposit paid.

Compelling reason means an illness that does not allow the stay on medical proof (contagious virus such as COVID, disabling illness, injury, etc.) or any other reason beyond the tenant's control and duly substantiated making travel impossible (death, accident…).

Subletting is not permitted.

2. Fishing

Section 2.1

Carp fishing is permitted on the pond from the edge, only in NO KILL, day and night for a maximum of 2 anglers.

The other species, in particular the predators, present on the pond are not fishable.

Each fisherman can use a maximum of 3 rods.

During the day, fishing is allowed indifferently on the delimited whole of the pond.

At night, except with the express agreement of the site management, fishing is only permitted in the area laid out in front of the lodge and delimited by the pebbly surface.

Navigation (except from the supplied bait boat) and swimming are prohibited on the pond.

Section 2.2

Fishing is only permitted with the use of MANDATORY equipment provided by Fish'In Paradize and listed below:
- Shimano baitrunner xtb-lc reels and nylon fishing line,
- 15 pebble type sinkers per fisherman,
- Fish'In Design bait boat,
- landing net,
- landing mat,
- weighing bag.

No other material of this type is allowed on the pond in order to protect the fish population.

An exception may be made on the reels in the event of the use of a new monofilament of 35/°° minimum diameter, 40/°° maximum, wound on site and after inspection by the site management.

Baits, hookbaits and bait are provided for all anglers up to 20 kilograms per week:
- boilies (10 kg),
- dog food (4kg),
- meat pellets (4kg),
- toasted seeds (2kg).

In case of justified need, a seed supplement can be provided.

A change in the distribution of quantities may also be requested. In this case, please let us know at least 15 days before your arrival.

You are free to bring your artificial bait used in bait on the hook or live (earthworms, maggots, pinkies, bloodworms etc.)

Food or unprocessed dips are allowed, for example:
- simple vegetable or animal oils,
- raw liquids (liver, hemp, tiger nut etc.),
- Viandox, Nuoc Nem and equivalents.

Please present your soakings and other additives upon your arrival for a check.

Chemical and processed products based on acids, fluorescein and equivalents, containing dyes and preservatives are prohibited to preserve the quality of the water and the health of the fish.

The management will be intransigent on this point.

A set of NON-MANDATORY materials will also be available:
- Côtes et Lacs fishing rod created to measure for Fish'In Paradize,
- Cap'O Inox and Prologic rod pod,
- Fox Micron Rx+ and Carp Sounder Roc bite alarms,
- swinger prologic.

A cart is provided for any trip to the edge of the pond.

You are free to bring with you any equipment that you think will be useful for your fishing:
- tackle (new products),
- bait grinder,
- bivvy,
- ...

Fish'In Paradize can also provide any kind of complementary material. Please contact us at least 3 weeks before your arrival. Additional costs may be applied, an estimate will then be proposed to you for validation.

Section 2.3

Fishing is only permitted with rigs that are safe for the fish:
- simple hooks without barbles or with crushed barbs,
- hooks of size N°4 minimum, size N°1 maximum,
- assembly with release of ballast in the event of a hitch,
- no line head, neither braided nor nylon,
- leader with a lower resistance than the main line (35/°° and 11.5 kgs),
- braid authorized at the bottom of the line / combined rigs for lengths less than 20 centimeters.

Section 2.4

Fish, big or small, should be handled with the utmost care. In particular, photo shoots should be shortened as much as possible.

It is not allowed to land a fish directly on the ground, the landing mats provided must be used.

Markings and other mutilations are prohibited on fish.

It is not allowed to walk in the water except with the explicit agreement of the site management.
The fish must be released quickly and at the edge of the pond where they were caught.
Storage bags are prohibited.

It is not allowed to move a fish from one point to another of the pond and of course, outside the site.

Section 2.5

For any trip to the edge of the pond with the equipment:
- the rods must be carefully stored in their individual covers,
- the bait boat must be carried in its bag,
- the landing equipment must be used (landing net, mat).

You will also be asked to respect the banks and the vegetation.

Section 2.6

Fishing rods in action must be supervised by at least one fisherman. It is forbidden to leave walking sticks unattended.

Section 2.7

Fish'In Paradize Pond is bordered by a boundary fence. It is forbidden to cross this fence.
A walkway goes around the pond, please follow this path.

Respect for the area delimited for fishing is imperative, it is for your safety and that of the inhabitants of the place.

Section 2.8

In the event of a storm or warning of a storm, you will be asked to stop fishing for safety reasons. If the meteorological situation requires it, you may be offered rehousing offering more security.

Section 2.9

The lights will be used with discretion at night: for example, do not illuminate the opposite banks of the pond with high-powered torches, etc.

Section 2.10

The management of the site authorizes itself to carry out checks by making you raise your rods or open your bags of equipment.

3. The Lodge

Section 3.1

The lodge consists of accommodation sleeping 4 (2 permanent single beds and 1 double bed convertible into a table and sofa) equipped with the usual amenities, kitchen, shower, toilets and awning.

You will also find furniture accessories, Hi-Fi, household appliances for convenience and comfort.

You are asked to give the utmost care to the lodge and its facilities.

It is not permitted to move lodge equipment outside, including under the awning.

Section 3.2

For reasons of cleanliness, it is requested:
- to move around the lodge without shoes,
- to leave all dirty/wet clothes under the awning.

A loosening area and gantries are at your disposal to drop off your belongings.

Section 3.3

The consumption of alcohol on the site is only authorized for low alcoholic drinks, at less than 5° (beer, cider). The consumption of strong alcohol is totally prohibited on the site. The management wishes the maximum of sobriety during your stays.

Any obvious and observed state of intoxication will immediately end your stay.

Section 3.4

Waste must be sorted as indicated on site. Please respect these rules as much as possible.
If the bins are full during your stay, please notify the site management.

Nature is not a dumping ground, no waste will be tolerated outside the bins!

Section 3.5

You are lucky enough to have sanitary facilities, please leave them as clean as possible.
In the event of a problem (clogged drains, malfunction, etc.) notify management immediately.

Section 3.6

Animals are not allowed on the site.

Section 3.7

You came to fish. One of the secrets of the good fisherman is discretion. Please keep noise pollution to a minimum. Limited music sound volume, no screaming key detector (you have control units available!), no screaming or screaming, day or night.

Respect the calm of Nature and the environment of the place.

Section 3.8

Ground fires and barbecues are prohibited. An electric grill is provided to you for any desire for grilling.

Section 3.9

Travel by car should be kept to a strict minimum. Unless expressly agreed by the management, they are prohibited between 7 p.m. (or nightfall if winter period) and 9:30 a.m. the next morning.

Fish'In Paradize is located on a residential area where children and pets live; DRIVE SLOWLY !

Section 3.10

Household products are left at your disposal. Please clean the premises before you leave.

Any finding of excessive soiling / damage to the lodge or its equipment will result in the withholding of all or part of the deposit.

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