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The Fish'In Paradize carps

The fish of the FiP pond retain an element of mystery which will surely spice up your stay.

Coming from a hand-picked original line, around 100 carp weighing 3 to 8 kilograms were introduced in 2015 into the pond which had just been cleaned and brought up to standard with a few specimens of pike and zander.

Drained in 2020, the pond then revealed more than 70 heads of 6.5 to 17 kilograms for our favorite cyprins. As well as a dozen pike exceeding or close to a meter and a dozen pike perch there also measuring.

This shows the reproductive and growth potential of the pond if we add 1.3T of carp removed to clean up the environment.

Cheerfully fed and pampered since that date, we have also expanded the original stock with the introduction of around ten Koi carp at the start of 2022 as well as some large specimens weighing around 25 kilos for this winter 2022-2023.

The pond now has more than 100 heads, the largest of which exceed 20 kilograms and are still growing. The average weight is around 12 kilograms.

A few quick fishing trips of 3-4 hours in 2022 gave us around ten fish on each trip for averages above 12 kilograms with a peak of 17 kilograms for a magnificent commune.

The 2023 financial year brought us several fish of 19 kilograms and averages exceeding 15 kilograms over a week of fishing. Our 20+ were seen several times without ever being captured. Will you be the first?!

The density of fish between 12 and 15 kilograms is high, and these fish, still not very shy when touched, are extremely combative.

You will find some of our fish in photos in the tab
Galerie Photo.

lac fish in paradize pêche carpe carpfishing_edited.jpg
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